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Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Easy money
Go to Port Sarim, west of Draynor village, and ask one of the people in the blue uniforms to go to Karamja and pay them 30 GP. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here for a long time if you need to spend several thousand on items.
Go to Port Sarim and do the banana thing and put a bottle of rum in the crate then go in and collect your GP. Then go back outside and to Port Sarim get a white apron and go get a job in the grocery store at Sarim. Search the crate in the back and take the rum and some bananas. Then go to the bar in Sarim, give the drunk the rum and then, when you are done, go up to varrock or someplace and sell the bananas.
Easy money great plan
First, go to the new area in south-east Varrock where you buy priest robes. Make sum1 follow you there. There is a pen of rats. Click on attack rats and you will go through a fence. The person following you will be there with you. Log out then, go on a different world and there is a man in a building by the pen. Make sure no1 attacks him, click on attack him and you will get out of the fenced area. Then log out and log in the world that the person that was following you on, and ask them if they want out of the pen. They will say yes, and you say "if u pay me i will get u out". Of course, they will pay. Using this method you will have a lot of money soon, just make sure that a person will pay big or rune armor or sumn like that.
First you put moneybags on your list. When it logs in, a computer will tell it your serial number and password and it print money on it like anywhere from 60,000 to 1,000,000,000 GP or you get rune item. He is usually on on saturdays and a few times during week. You can only do this 2 times on each serial number and if you do it more times you get cut off!

Be the best
Click on run, type RegEdit. Press [Ctrl]+[F] to bring up the Find dialog (NOTE: you must be running runescape at the same time). Type: Jagex Software (you have to have the downloaded version of freeserver or members). When typed Jagex software it should of gone into html files. Don't click anything yet, just keep pressing F3 until it has your stats, your mining everything your runescape character has and your money (NOTE: it cannot detect armour). Then you can alter any of these things. Just double click on the thing you wish to upgrade and change the value. The best you can put your character to is 90, if you do it too high your character will be deleted you may do it if you wish, but I recommend you don't do it. And the same with mining and smithing and fishing and everything else. If you are a free member you cannot make any member sats higher E.G. Thieving herblaw anything like that. You must be on a member's server and must have the members version downloaded, it works on a freeserver...

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money


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