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Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money
Making Money with Runescape

It may take a little time to get some seed starting cash, but at full speed in less than one week you could be banking in profits of 500k per hour. There are times where you have to be patient, and you might get frustrated at times, but stay in there and you will be successful.
To be a successful millionaire you will have to put in a little bit of effort and never give up. Giving up will only make it worst for you. Be sure to learn your prices so you don't get ripped off.
I have used all theses ways to make me money, nothing will be left out. All my dirty little secrets are here in this guide.

You're probably asking yourself, How do I get started making millions? I am so excited about this guide. I will show you 2 good ways to get your 1st 100k which is a good way to get starting pay. You don't even need any items to get started.
Lvl 3 Noobs: This is the quickest way and the most efficient way for you to get your 1st 100k. Yeah you probably seen those other guides that told you to pick bananas or to buy rune essences that are impossible to buy at 10 each.
The best thing to do is to kill chickens, you're probably laughing right now, but this is it. Go kill chickens and collect the feathers. Each chicken will drop 5 to 15 feathers. Feathers currently sell for 10-15 gc each. So you will get 50-225 gold coins for each chicken you kill. Below is a list of the possible income for each chicken killed.

5 feathers = 50-75 gold coins
10 feathers = 100-150 gold coins
15 feathers = 150-225 gold coins

Since feathers keep adding up and only take up 1 space in inventory there is no need to be running to the bank. You can easily get 10,000 feathers in 5 hours work by killing 650-2000 chickens. Once you have 10,000 feathers, then you can sell them off by looking for a buyer in the runescape forums. You will get somewhere between 100k to 150k for your 10,000 feathers.
You could also shear sheep to get 1000 wool and to craft them into balls of wool which sell for 100 each if you sell them in bulk. Get 1,000 of them if you choose this way. Takes a long time to do, So I recommend the chickens.
Low lvl players: Do the same thing as above, and also while you are there buy some feathers from other players. Buy them for 1-3 gc each. A lot of people will sell them for that price. Once you reach 10,000 feathers, then sell off your feathers by looking for a buyer in the forums. High lvl players: You know what to do. Use your best skill to make a 100k. Do it by fishing lobsters or mining coal or iron ore till you reach 100k. Or you can also kill chickens.
You don't necessarily have to start out with 100k. 50k will be fine but 100k is better.
Congratulations you now have 50-100k and are now ready to become a runescape merchant millionaire.

Ways to Make Money:

• Merchantism:
This is how a lot of players in runescape make their quick millions.
Question: What is Merchantism?
Answer: Merchantism is the act of making profits, by simply buying items real cheap and selling for higher prices.
• Merchantism tips and tricks:
• Always keep a good amount of cash on hand, Only spend about 1/3rd to 1/2 of your current money for the merchandise you're going to sell. You just might see a good deal while you are selling.
• Start out by only merchanting 5 to 6 items at a time.
• Buy in Bulk and sell in bulk. Be sure to buy stuff low and sell high.
• Selling in the game can take a while. For bulk items use the forums for buyers. If you are a member then make a post on the bulk items you are wanting to sell. You usually always get a buyer for ores and bars within 5-10 minutes from a forum posting.
• Avoid scams at all costs. Many merchants get scammed easily. I even got scammed myself. Be sure to always double check the last trade window before making a trade. If the deal sounds to good to be true then stay away or approach with caution.
• Be firm on your prices, many players try to talk you into lowering prices. Be firm and walk away a couple steps, there is a 75 percent chance that he'll give in and buy your items.
• To make quicker cash by merchantism do bulk trades or high priced items over 100k
• Always keep a calculator at hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• Hot items and biggest profit items for merchantism:
• One of the biggest profit items is Iron ore. Buy iron ore for around 25 to 50 gold coins each. This is very easy to buy and is very plentiful. ( My dirty little secret: I hire iron miners and pay them 35 each. I currently have 15 iron miners that bring around 25,000-50,000 iron ore per week. I
pay them their paychecks each Friday. So If I get 40,000 iron ores that week I end up paying my miners 1.4 million gold coins for 40,000 iron ore at 35 gold coins a piece. I then take all the iron ore and sell it for 100 each to other players. So 40,000 times 100 each equals 4 million gold
coins. So I just Profited 2.6 million gold coins from my 15 miners.) Once you get heaps of iron ores, then sell them for 100 gold coins each.
• Steel bars is still hot now. Try to buy these for around 250-350 each and resell these for 500 to 600 gold coins each.
• Coal is also a hot item, and the fallowing ores, iron ore, coal, silver,
gold, mith, addy and rune. All these bars are also hot.
• You can also get huge profits from rare holiday drops if you can find good deals.
To get started in merchantism find about 5-6 hot items you would like to buy cheap and resell for higher profits. World 1 market is a good place to sell your items. This place is also full of scammers so be careful. Buy all your items in other worlds, try not to buy items in world 1 due to the heavy mount of scammers. This guide also contains a street price guide on most runescape items.
When I was a low level player about a year ago, I started merchantism once I was able to go to the champions guild. I had purchased rune maces for 14.5 k each and resold them to lvl 30-40 players for 18-25k each. After this I got hooked and started on other items. Use items that you are very familiar with and stay away from items you don't have much knowledge of. Once you get to
know the low and high prices of items, then you will start making more and more money and you can add in more items to merchantism. Always sell your items in notes. Weapons and armor will be ok not to sell in notes. Congratulations!!!! You now know the basics of Merchantism and can now
make your millions in no time.
• Starting a Runescape Business:
If you get bored from Merchantism then you can successfully run a runescape steel bar making business. This Business will bring great wealth to you and your miners. I currently pay my miners for this business, 150 per coal and 75 per iron ore. So it costs me 375 per steel bar to make. Once I make the Bars I then sell them to other players for 600 each per steel bar. Sometimes 500 each.
I easily generate profits of 2-3 mil each week running this business. If you are a member then you can also make cannonballs and sell them for 200-250 each. Each bar produces 4 cannonballs. So if you make these you will get 800-1000 gc per steel bar which will mean a profit of 425-625 per steel bar. If you just sell the bars after making them then your profit will be 125-225 per bar. You
can easily make 25,000 bars in a week. So you will bank in profits between 3.12 mil to 15.65 mil depending on whether you make cannonballs or just sell the bars. I make balls and sell my bars, I generate between 3-6 mil a week running this business. Do not buy your bars, otherwise it wont be a business. Make your bars so you can pay miners a weekly check. Also offer bonuses to
your top miners. The more ores you can get and make into bars, the more sucessful your runescape business will be. If you have trouble selling your bars then look in the forums for buyers or make a post.
• Using Skills:
Mining - Mine heaps of ores, iron and coal is best. 5-10 gc per tin and copper. 75-100 gc per iron ore. 100-250 gc per silver ore, 150-300 per gold ore, 100- 200 per coal, 350-450 per mith ore, 800-1000 per addy ore and rune ores are 8- 10k each. Smithing - Bronze bars 25 each, iron bars 100 each, steel bars 500-600 each, silver bars 200-300 each, gold bars 250-400 each, mith bars, 900-1200 each, addy bars 1500-3000 each, rune bars 10-15k each. Magic - Make things from fletching and smithing and high alch them for quick cash.
Combat - Fight High level monsters, lesser demons and other higher lvls. Or for low lvls kill chickens for feathers. If you are a high lvl, then go fight the new lvl 333 monster in Shantey's Pass, Once in a while He will drop Dragon Chains, which bring in 40-100 mil just for the chain. So far about 3 people got one. Who will be next? Fishing - Fish lobbies, swordies, tuna, sharks, and bass. 100-250 per lobby, 200-300 per swordie, tunas get around 50 each, sharks fetch 600-800, and bass
are around 250-300. Bass heal more than lobsters but are members only along with sharks.
Crafting - Make items from crafting and sell them for high prices. I personally don't do much crafting.
Thieving - Go steal stuff, ( My Dirty Little secret, You can also get rich from silk, have 5 of your good buddies steal silk for you and have them trade you their silk. Once they trade you, sell your silk to the silk merchant for 60 gold coins each. Once you sell them your friends will have another load ready, keep repeating this and you can easily make a mil in 4-6 hours. You get around 1620
gold coins per each load of silk you sell to the merchant. With 5 friends they will get you around 2 loads per minute. You're friends will get the thieving xp and you will get the cash. I guess this is why I only have lvl 16 thieving, and they are up to 70 already. So you will get 3240 gc per minute, and around 194,400 Gold coins per hour. So at this pace for 5 hours you will get 972,000
gold coins.) You will have to be a member to do this. The silk stall is located in Ardougne. A lvl 3 noob that's a member can do this. Fletching - My favorite skill - I make addy arrows and sell them for 150 each, I also make yew shorts and longs and Hi Alch them for cash. I can make an easy 1-2 mil a day with this skill. You can also make arrow shafts and sell them for 10-15 gold coins each.
Woodcutting - 10-20 gold coins for regular logs, 20 for oak logs, 15-50 gold coins for willows, 100 gold coins for maples, 300 gold coins for yews, and 1k for magic logs.
Dancing - Lol you can always get 1 gold coin for doing a good dance, although this is not a skill, I just thought I'd throw in some humor here.
• Dueling:
I have a friend that does a lot of dueling in duel arena, You place bets and the winner of the duel will get the items. You can get rich from dueling and you can also lose a lot of money from dueling. My friend even dueled for party hat sets, drag mediums and other goodies. He has a good dueling account, and can make an easy 2-3 mil a day from dueling people. Duel Arena is located out in Al Kharid. You must be a member to enter the gates. Many people here will stake for 100k even up to a mil at a time. I will have a duel Guide in the future on the website for $6.95, so look for it shortly, as I am still getting good tips from my high lvl friend.
• Pking in the wildy:
I also make good money from pking people in the wildy, I am a lvl 72 ranger with 81 combat, and I make a lot of kills in the wildy. So far my best pk was for a dragon medium helm which I cashed in for 2.4 mil. I even got over 25 rune scimis, about 15 rune 2h's, tons of runes and a bunch of other goodies. Just try to avoid the large clans, I one time walked into a big clan of like 50 people all lvl 90-100's. So be careful. Good thing I had my ring of life and didn't lose anything. If you don't have a skull then wait for people to pk you 1st. Also only pk people with skulls, so they will lose all their items. I like to kill people that are weak and poisoned.
• Misc. Ways to make a quick buck:
Here are some other money making tips to make a quick buck. If you are a member another good way to make money is to buy and sell cannons. You can easily buy cannons for 500-550k and easily sell for 600-650k If you have 32 quests points and is able to get into the champions guild, then you can buy Rune maces there for 14.5k and resell to lvl 28-43 combat fighters for 18-25k each Most of the time I am in Al Kharid smelting Steel bars. I always make at least an extra 10k a day from selling 3 air runes to people for 1k. People Don't want to walk and they will pay 1 k for 3 air runes so they can teleport to their Next destination. I also sell a lot of Law runes for 1k each also. These can be purchased from the Wizards Guild for 240 each. You can also get from fighting the lvl 7 wizards in Varrock. Quests Items: You can also get good money from people who are in the middle of a quest and quickly needs something. Examples. Burnt Meat from which's potion quest. 1k each. Bead sets 2-4k 3 Goblin plate bodies 3-5k silver bars 1k each Planks 500-1k each Plus many other stuff for quest items. Simple quest items usually sell for 1k each. But you will only get these prices from people who are in the middle of a quest. You can also walk around the dragons and pick up the dragon hides as people fight them. Just stay back a little and be careful. Most people are there to level up and don't pick them up. Dragon hides sell for 1.5k to 3k each depending on the color.
Other ways to make money is to check the general Stores. Everytime I go to Varrock General Store on world 20, I always see heaps of coal for like 25 gc each, and Iron ore for 5 gc each. Buy them up to resell later. Investing your Money:
• What To Buy:
Rare holiday drop items are the best things to invest your money in. Odds are that if you have money then you will want to spend it like mad. Spend it on Halloween Masks, Party Hats, Easter Eggs, Christmas Crackers, Half wine jugs, Pumpkins, Disk of returnings, etc. These items are always going up in price and the best items are masks and the party hats.
• What Not to buy:
Stay away from the new novelty items, like the trimmed armors and godly armors, I also have the other novelty items in the Non Rares/Rares price guide below. These items are rapidly dropping in price and will always drop in price as long as runescape is around. At the continued rate these items will only be a little bit more than the regular sets a year from now.

Purple: 3,000-3,500k
Red: 3,000k-4,700k
Yellow: 3,000-4,700k
Green: 4,000k-8,000k
White: 5,000k- 8,600k
Blue: 6,500-8,600k
Christams Crackers: 7,000-12,000k
Santa Hat: 130k-150k Masks:
Green: 300-350k
Red: 325-400k
Blue: 375-450k
Pumpkin: 100-500k
Easter Egg: 100k-225k
Half Wine Jug: 500-2,150k
Disk Of Returning: 200-550k
Non Rares: (These are always dropping in price, so buy for the low values.)
Highwaymen Mask: 50k-100k
Pirate Hat: 75k-150k
Robin Hood hat: 2,900-3,700k
Mage Boots: 125-200k
Range: 400-650k
Black: 800-1,100k
Tan: 300-500k
Brown: 200-400k
Black: 100-200k
Blue: 100-125k
White: 75-125k
Red: 25-75k
Black: 25-50k
Brown: 20-50k

Looking for Buyers:
The best place for buyers is on the Runescape Forums website. If you are a member then you can make your own posts. If you a non-member then just simply browse the forums to look for buyers and add them to your contact list. You could also check runescape websites, that offer player guides for free, some of these sights might have forums. You can also hop around the banks and the various market places in runescape. Merchantism Price Guide: ( Buy Low sell High. )

Dagger: 5gp
Mace: 10gp
Sword: 15gp
Warhammer: 30gp
Scimitar: 20gp
Long Sword: 25gp
Battle-Axe: 60gp
sword: 60gp

Dagger: 20gp
Mace: 35gp
Sword: 50gp
Warhammer: 80gp
Scimitar: 65gp
Long Sword: 90gp
Battle-Axe: 100gp
Two-handed sword: 150 - 200gp

Mace: 120gp
Sword: 150gp
Warhammer: 120gp
Scimitar: 250gp
Long Sword: 300gp
Battle-Axe: 600gp
Two-handed sword: 1-1.5k

Dagger: 200gp
Mace: 3k
Sword: 2k
Warhammer: 2k
Scimitar: 7k
Long Sword: 1k
Battle-Axe: 800gp
Two-handed sword: 2.5-3k

Dagger: 500gp
Mace: 700gp
Sword: 650gp
Warhammer: 3k
Scimitar: 1.6k
Long Sword: 1.5k
Battle-Axe: 1-1.5k
Two-handed sword: 2- 3.5k

Dagger: 800gp
Mace: 2k
Sword: 2k
Warhammer: 5.4k
Scimitar: 5-6k
Long Sword: 3- 4.5k
Battle-Axe: 2-3.5k
Two-handed sword: 5-8k

Dagger: 4-12k
Mace: 7-20k
Sword: 10-15k
Warhammer: 30-45k
Scimitar: 35-50k
Long Sword: 15-35k
Battle-Axe: 40-50k
Spear: 20k
Two-handed sword: 45- 50k

Dagger: 30k-45k
Mace: 40k-50k
Long: 90k-110k
Dragon Battle Axe: 180k-200k
Spear: 1.1 million

Medium Helmet: 10gp
Large Helmet: 20gp
Square Shield: 40gp
Kite Shield: 50gp
Chain Mail: 30gp
Plate Legs: 50gp
Plate Skirt: 50gp
Plate Mail Body: 100gp
Set: 250gp

Medium Helmet: 50gp
Large Helmet: 100gp
Square Shield: 100gp
Kite Shield: 140gp
Chain Mail: 120gp
Plate Legs: 160gp
Plate Skirt: 150gp
Plate Mail Body: 300gp
Set: 600-1,000gp

Medium Helmet: 150gp
Large Helmet: 300gp
Square Shield: 330gp
Kite Shield: 500gp
Chain Mail: 400gp
Plate Legs: 600gp
Plate Skirt: 500gp
Plate Mail Body: 1-1.5k
Set: 3-4.5k

Medium Helmet: 300- 2,000gp
Large Helmet: 1.5-2k
Square Shield: 1k
Kite Shield: 2-3k
Chain Mail: 1-1.5k
Plate Legs: 2k
Plate Skirt: 1.8k
Plate Mail Body: 3-3.8k
Set: 7-10k

Medium Helmet:450gp
Large Helmet: 1k
Square Shield: 1k
Kite Shield: 2-3k
Chain Mail: 1-1.5k
Plate Legs: 3k
Plate Skirt: 2.5k
Plate Mail Body: 4-5k
Set: 8-11k


Medium Helmet: 1.2- 1.5k
Large Helmet: 2.5- 3.2k
Square Shield: 4-5k
Kite Shield: 6-10k
Chain Mail: 4-6k
Plate Legs: 4.5-6k
Plate Skirt: 4.5-5k
Plate Mail Body: 10- 16k
Set: 24-30k

Medium Helmet: 8-11k
Large Helmet: 30-40k
Square Shield: 25-35k
Kite Shield: 40-60k
Chain Mail: 30-55k
Plate Legs: 50-65k
Plate Skirt: 45-55k
Plate Mail Body: 55-85k
Set: 190-220k

Square Shield: 7Mil
Medium Helmet: 2.4-2.6
Mil Dragon Chain (NEW) 35-95 mil
Price will drop as more players get one from the new lvl 333 monster.

Dragon Hide:
Green Set: 30k
Blue Set: 15-30k
Red Set: 60-80k
Black Set: 25-50k

Meat: 5gp
Bread: 20gp
Redberry Pie: 50 gp
Meat pie: 100gp
Stew: 80gp
Apple Pie: 150gp
Pizza: 150gp
Wine: 100gp
Cake: 150gp
Meat Pizza: 200gp
Chocolate Cake: 200gp
Anchovy Pizza: 300gp

Fish: (cooked/uncooked)
Shrimp: 10gp
Sardine: 20gp
Herring: 20gp
Anchovy: 15gp
Trout: 50-80gp
Pike: 50-80gp
Salmon: 60-120gp
Tuna: 50-150gp
Lobster: 100-200gp
Swordfish: 200-300gp

Fishing Supplies:
Bait: 5-10 gp
Feathers: 15 gp


Bronze- 20 ea
Iron- 25 ea
Steel- 40 ea
Mith- 65 ea
Addy- 135 ea
Rune- 350 ea

Normal/Willow/Maple - 500
Yew Short- 1k Yew Long- 2k
Magic Short- 2500
Magic Long- 5k

Normal- 10-85 ea
Willows-10-50 ea
Maple- 100 ea
Yews- 300 ea Magic- 1k ea

Fletching Items:
Flax- 50-60ea
Bowstrings-100- 125 ea
Feathers- 10-15 ea
Shafts- 10 -15 ea
Headless Arrow: 20-40

Arrow Heads:
Bronze heads- 10 ea
Iron Heads- 15 ea
Steel heads- 35 ea
Mith Heads- 50 ea
Addy heads- 120 ea
Rune heads- 320 ea

Air Rune: 10-35gp
Earth Rune: 10-35gp
Fire Rune: 10-35gp
Water Rune: 5-35gp
Body Rune: 5-30gp
Mind Rune: 10-35gp
Chaos Rune: 100-200gp
Nature Rune: 300-400gp
Law Rune: 400-1000gp
Death Rune: 300gp
BloodRune: 1k gp

Magic Staffs:

Staff: 14gp
Magic Staff: 196gp
Staff of Air: 1.5k
Staff of Water: 1.5k
Staff of Earth: 1.5k
Staff of Fire: 1.5k
All BattleStaffs: 9k ea
Enchanted Battlestaffs: 50k

Rune Essence: 20-55gp
Air Talisman: 500gp
Mind Talisman: 500gp
Water Talisman: 800gp
Earth Talisman: 1k
Fire Talisman: 1k
Body Talisman: 600gp
Cosmic Talisman: 2-5k
chaos Talisman:5-10k
nature talisman:10-30k
Law talisman:25-35k

Prayer Items:
Bones: 10gp
Burnt Bones: 10gp
Big Bones: 200-500gp ea
Dragon Bones: 3k ea
Priest Robe Top: 25gp
Priest Robe Bottom: 25gp
Monk Robe Top: 100gp
Monk Robe Bottom: 100gp

Black Cape: 15gp
Red Cape: 20gp
Blue Cape: 45gp
Yellow Cape: 50gp
Green Cape: 50gp
Purple Cape: 50-100gp
Orange Cape: 50-100gp

Axes (Hatchet):
Bronze Axe: 10-30gp
Iron Axe: 30-50gp
Steel Axe: 100-200gp
Black Axe: ~10k(Medium rarity)
Mith Axe: 800-1,000gp
Adamant Axe: 2k
Rune Axe: 15-30k

Pick Axes:
Bronze Pickaxe: 50gp
Iron Pickaxe: 120gp
Steel Pickaxe: 340gp
Mith Pickaxe: 1.2k
Adamant Pickaxe: 3.4k
Rune Pickaxe: 25-30k

Clay: 5gp
Copper: 10gp
Tin: 10gp
Iron: 100gp
Silver: 250-300gp
Coal: 100-200gp
Gold: 250gp
Mith: 400gp
Adamantite: 1k
Runite: 13k

Bronze: 20gp ea
Silver: 250-350gp ea
Iron: 150-250gp ea
Steel: 550-600gp ea
Gold: 250-300gp ea
Mith: 1,100gp ea
Adamant: 1.7-2.2k ea
Rune: 15k ea

Half Key- 50-55k
Crystal key- 110k
Muddy Key- 2k

Gold Amulet: 100gp
Sapphire Amulet: 500-2k
Emerald Amulet: 1.2-2k
Ruby Amulet: 3-5k
Diamond Amulet: 6-10k
Holy Symbol- 1k
Unholy Symbol- 1k

Gold Ring: 200gp
Sapphire Ring: 500-800gp
Emerald Ring: 700-1,200gp
Ruby Ring: 3-4k
Diamond Ring: 5-8k

Sapphire: 300-600gp ea
Emerald: 500-800gp ea
Ruby: 1.5-2.5k ea
Diamond: 2-6k ea

Crafting Supplies:
Ball of Wool: 50-100gp ea
Wool: 30-80gp ea
Cow Hide: 50 -55gp ea

Dragon Hides:
Green:1.5k-2k ea
Blue: 2-2.2k ea
Red: 4.5 - 5k ea
Black- 2k ea

Treasure Trail:
Black (g) full - 400k
Addy (T) full - 150k
Addy (G) full - 400k
Rune (T) full - 1.2M-1.7M
Guthix full - 2.3-2.8M
Saromin Full - 2.53.2M
Zammy Full - 2.8- 3.5M

Blue Berret: 100k
Black Berret: 100k
White Berret: 100k
Black Headband: 40-55k
Brown Headband: 50k
Red Headband: 40-60k Light
Brown Cavalier Hat: 300k
Black Cavalier Hat: 600-800k
Pirate Hat: 200-300k
Highwayman Mask: 25-60k
Robin Hood Hat - 2.6M-2.8MM


Party Hats:
Blue: 10.4-11mil
Green: 6-6.5mil
White: 7.9m-8.5mil
Yellow: 4.5-4.7mil
Purple: 3.8-4.2mil
Red: 5.8-6mil

Other Rares:
Easter Eggs: 100 -200k
Pumpkin: 100-400k
Santa Hat- 140-200k
Half Wine Jug- 2-2.5M
Disk of Return- 250-400k

Halloween Mask:

Green Mask: 280-320k
Red Mask: 300-350k
Blue Mask: 380-450k
Mask Set: 1 Mil gp

FAKE Rares: (Often scammer try to sell. Do not buy these!!!)
Charcoal: 20 gp
Toy Horse- 100 gp
Bad Wine- 0 gp
Half pizza- 50 gp
Ship:10 gp
Spanich Roll: 10 gp

Here is another way to make money by trading runes. You can buy chaos and death runes from the rune shops in Varrock and at Betties’ shop in Port Sarim. The shop prices are 90gp for chaos and 180gp for death. You can then check the weekly price guide to see the average selling price. As of 1-18-05 these were the average advertised buying and selling prices for the two runes. Chaos average buying price = 156gp average selling price = 175gp Death average buying price = 350gp average selling price = 360gp As you can see this is a very easy way to double your money, however a lot of people know this and the rune shops inventory is always low. To get around this you can try the following tips: · Go to worlds with as few people as possible.
· If the rune shop is out of runes change worlds.
· Try playing at different times to find when there are fewer people playing.
· First thing in the morning is a good time to try.
· You also can ask to buy runes from the other people who are buying perhaps they will still sell for a low enough price that you can make a profit.
Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money


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