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Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money
Getting Started Runescape

Not one of the steps violates any of the rules of the game set forth by
Jagex. This is a completely legal process. I know that this process
works because I personally use it to make Gp.
This guide will not show you the following:
-How to scam players
-How to hack the system
-How to steal passwords
-How to duplicate items
-How to sell player accounts
Do not believe in these practices and people who do should be
banned from the game. I will show you how to make an honest living
in runescape. I would like to thank Andrew Gower and the Jagex
team for making a great game.

I will assume that you already have a player account set up and are
familiar with how to get around and trade. (Note if you already have 1500gp or more skip this chapter and goto chapter 2) The first step is to get 30gp. Do this by any means. Sell the items you start with and start killing goblins around Lumbridge. Of course keep the items you need to kill the goblins. Once you have the 30gp clear out your inventory so that all you have is the 30gp. Next head to Port Sarim. We are heading to the island of Karjama. You will have to talk to a man dressed in blue standing on the dock. It will cost the 30gp for the ride to the island. When you get there, walk off the dock and you should see a house. Enter the house and talk to a man named Luthas. He will ask you to pick bananas. Answer "Yes", pick bananas, put them in the crate, then talk to Luthas to collect your moderately earned 30 GP. If you would like more money in multiples of 30, ask him to get another 30 GP for doing the job again. Stay here and keep doing this until you have 1500gp. Note. If you do not know where the places are look on the map.


Once you have 1500gp in your pocket it is time to start doubling or even tripling your money. To do this go to the fishing dock on Karjama. There you are going to buy as many cooked lobsters as you can. The going price is 100gp to 300gp. Usually you can get them for 125gp. Once all your money is spent or your inventory is full it is time to
leave. Remember to save 30gp for the ride back to Port Sarim. Talk to the customs officer to go back. After the ride head toVarrock’s town square and sell your lobsters for 200gp to 300gp each. You can start by standing in the market and saying “cooked lobby’s for sale” it will not take long to sell them. Usually the market is jam packed with
people and it is hard to see what people are saying so check out the bonus on the download page for a macro that will help you with typing messages. It will allow you to say “cooked lobbys for sale” really fast over and over so you can get other people’s attention.


So say you started with 1500gp and bought 12 lobsters for 125gp each. You would have to work the banana farm one more time for 30gp for the ride back. Then you sold the lobbys for 225gp each.. You would now have 2100gp. That is 1200gp profit!!! You now have enough to go back to Karjama and buy 21 lobsters turn them into 4725 and make even more money on the next trip. Each trip from now on should bring at least 2500gp. Keep doing this until you have around 50,000gp.

Here are a few tips:
-Not everyone will sell there lobbys for what you want to pay. Don’t worry about them. If there is not anyone selling try another world.
-After you find someone selling for a good price ask them if they have or will have more lobsters to sell. Usually they are training their fishing skill and will be happy to sell you all they can get. If you get two or three fishers supplying you lobbys you are in business!!!
-You can use the macro to buy the lobbys too.
-Once you have some money buy as many lobbys as you can and make a run to the bank. Turn them into notes and go back to buy more.
-You can get more for your lobbys when you have a lot of them.
-You do not have to sell them just at the Varrock market. Other good places to sell them are:
he Edgeville bank,
Falador bank,
Varrock banks,
Draynor bank,
Or anywhere else.

Turning 50,000gp to 1,000,000gp By Flipping Notes

y now you should have around 50,000gp by running lobsters from Karjama. That is a good way to make money to start, but there is a better way. It is called Flipping notes. Simply stated flipping notess
is buying them for a price lower than what you can sell them for.
If you have been selling cooked lobsters for a little while now, you know what the current market price is. (As of April 2004 the price is between 100gp and 300gp.) Still make the run to Karjama to buy
lobsters but now start asking to buy lobster notes as well. You can find many people there that will sell there notes for 175gp each. You can also find people at the market that will sell their notes for less than the highest market rate. I once bought 100 notes for 150gp each on one end of the market walked to the other end of the market and sold them for 200gp each. I made a quick 5000gp. Sometimes you will run across someone selling 200 to 1000 notes.
This is where the big money is. To buy that many, however you have to have a lot of money. On 4-13-04 I bought 5000 lobsters for 175gp each.
That cost me 875,000gp. However I know that I can sell them for anywhere from
200gp to 300gp each. If I sold them for 225gp each I will have 1,125,000. A 250,000gp profit!! The point is That it takes big money to make big money!!! And once you have your first million it becomes easier to make more.
Here is one of the most important tips you will find!!
In this guide I have stated prices of lobsters by giving a range 100 to
That is called a price spread. The trick is to buy just a little higher
than the lowest spread price and to sell just a little lower than
the highest price spread.

If you demand that you only buy for the lowest price you will make more per lobby but if you buy just a little higher than the lowest you will find more sellers. You will make less per lobby but will flip more lobsters around, therefore make more money. The same is with selling. You can try and sell your lobsters for 300gp each and there are people out there that will buy them for that, however you will sell them a lot faster if you lower the price a little. My goal is to make 50gp to 100gp per lobby. To do this you must be familiar with the market values of the lobsters which can vary.
f I know that I will not be playing for a while I will sell all of my inventory or cash out. That way if while I’m gone and the value of the lobsters drops I will not have lost anything.
I have made all the money that I will ever need in Runescape by flipping notes. In this guide I used lobsters as an example but you can use the principle on anything. I made my first million by flipping coal in 2002. As you can see you do not have to have a high level miner or fisher or crafter or anything. Any noobie can do this and make millions!!!!!
I know that if you follow the techniques in this guide you will be a successful millionaire in runescape. That’s it what are you waiting for go and start making your millions right now!!!!!!!!!!

Flipping Coal

Here is another way to make crazy money by flipping coal. I kept this at the bottom because it does take some seed money of 100,000 to get started. But once you get going you are set for life. As of December 2004 coal is going for 75 to 175gp ea. You can buy all the coal you want for 100gp each at the east bank in Falador on the high number worlds. Again, if noone is selling on your world switch until you find people selling. Once you have 1,000 coal people will be willing to buy them for 150ea on world #1 right there at the Falador east bank. That’s a 50K Proffit!!! There is no traveling required when doing this just switching worlds. I have bought over 3k coal in one hour for 300,000. I then went to world #1 and sold them for 150gp ea or 450,000 and made 150k profit!!! It is very easy to buy coal here because there are miners traveling back and forth from the mine to the bank here. Do not, I repeat, do not try and sell in amounts of less than 1,000. You will not be able to get the best selling price with small amounts. Another way to find buyers is to check the forums there are always people buying coal there in large amounts. If you are f2p you can just read the post, but if you are a member you can advertise your coal for sale a 150 ea and it will sell right away.

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

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