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Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money

Guide of Money
General Runescape Guide

Beware of Common Scams
· The mistaken amount - Many times when you are doing a trade people will try to rip you off. One of the easiest ways is to make you mistake the amount or item. Sometimes, people will say buying something for 45k, when you go to trade them they put up 45k, then they accept, when it comes up to the "are you sure window" they retrade and quickly put only 4.5k up and accept quickly, hoping you wont notice. This trick also is common between Rune and Mithril items. So make sure to always recheck the trade!
· The two people scam - The best way to tell this scam is to show an example of it in action. First, two people devise a plan as follows. One person says they are doing a quest and indeed of a item but is too lazy to get it and will pay extremely good for it ( lets say 20k for a black bead ). They will announce this at a crowded area. Now a little down the road their buddy is waiting and types "selling black bead 5k". A player will see this and think "wow i can make an easy 15k" so they buy the beed from the person for 5k and go back to the friend and try to sell it for 20k, however the person never buys it, thus the two scammers make 5k off an item worth 5gp.
· Jagex does NOT block your password, so if someone tells you that it would turn out as ****** then they're wrong and trying to steal your account. Not Cool! But if you make the mistake, no worries. They can't loggin when you're on, and you can change your password while you play.
· People can't "double" your money/items if you trade it to them for "a sec." They can always just walk away with your stuff. Even if you report them, it wouldn't do much good unfourtunatly. =( The person might get banned but you will never get your stuff back, because all trades on Runescape are final. The staff wouldn't be able to give your stuff back. So be sure to watch out for these people or report them if you see someoe like this.
· If someone tells you they are part of the Jagex staff and they can get you any item(s) you want if you give them money or something, right away you should know it's a scam. The Jagex staff are almost NEVER on playing Runescape. But if they are, they wouldn't tell you out blankly that they are staff, or wouldn't give you this option.


I know that I have stated that you do not need any trained skills to be a millionaire and if you have read the first part of this guide you know that you do not. However, I decided to add this chapter just to help anyone out that wanted to train some skills to get rich. Here are the best skills to train and you can see the following chapters on the best way to train these skills.
A player who can go into the mining guild earns money fast. Sell Iron ores for 50 to 100 each, Coal for 150 each, Silver for 200 each, Gold for 150 to 300 each, Mithril ores for 250 to 300 each, Adamantine ores for 900 to 1k each and Runite ores for at least 10k each.
When you've got a decent amount of money, you can buy ores/bars. Smith them to get your level up. It takes a long time, but you earn a lot after you can smith rune items.
Train fishing up to level 40 so that you can fish lobsters. Before that, fishing doesn't really earn much money for you. Fish lobsters and sell them. Cooked lobsters sell for more and are easier to sell so I'll recommend cooking them. You need a cooking level of 40 to cook lobsters. Sell cooked lobsters for 150 to 200 each.
A skill that earns a lot of money, but you need a lot of patience. Keep training your woodcutting level by cutting trees until you can cut oaks. Then, keep cutting oaks. Even though willow trees give more exp, I've noticed that cutting oaks give better overall exp. Cutting oaks give more exp per hour because you miss less often, as compared to cutting willows. Once you've got woodcutting level 60, go cut yews. I would strongly recommend you use a rune axe before cutting yews,
because it takes a long time. Sell yew logs for 250 to 350 each. Crafting
Not recommended for non-members but it is still a way to earn money. Craft gold bars into necklaces/amulets/rings and sell them to the general stores. The only good way of earning money from crafting is by making diamond amulets (requires crafting level 70), enchanting them into amulets of power (requires magic level 57) and selling them for about 10k each. A good way of leveling up crafting is by making holy symbols, as they give 50 exp each.

Combat Training

These are the best monsters to train on with their locations. This will
increase your combat level at the maximum rate.
Level 3 – 10
: Goblins
Location: Northwest of Falador, at the Goblin Village, north of Doric
Level 11- 30
: Level 2 Cows
Location: North-East of Lumbridge castle across bridge or Crafting
Guild Southwest of Falador
Notes: While training, bring an axe and tinder so you can cook the
meat for food and cooking exp.
Level 31 – 45
Level 18 Skeletons
Location: About Halfway into Varrock Sewers, Past the level 13
Level 46 – 64
Level 28 Hobgoblins
Location: Dungeon Southwest of Port Sarim past Pirates.
Notes: None, although there is a prayer alter close to them.
Level 65 – 80
: Level 34 Deadly Red Spiders
Location: Varrock Sewers, as far in as you can go.
Level 80 – 90
: Level 42 Moss Giants
Location: Varrock Sewers, same area as Deadly Reds.
Notes: Bring High Alch runes for Drops.
Level 91+
: Level 82 Lesser Demons
Location: Karamja Dungeon (caves) in the back.
Notes: Fish food while on Karamja, then fight, then fish.

Strengths of the Weapon Types

- Only recommended if you have a very high strength and want speed. Fastest weapon but has very low strength. Average accuracy.
Mace- Not a good weapon. Its only good point is that it gives a bonus to prayer. Low strength and accuracy. Average speed.
Sword- Increases defense slightly. Low strength, average speed. Most people do not use this weapon.
Scimitar- Good speed, average strength. Recommended for people with balanced attack and strength.
Longsword- Average speed, slightly higher strength than the scimitar. Adamant and rune longswords have higher slash attack bonuses than adamant and rune scimitars respectively, while bronze, iron, steel and Mithril is the opposite. Increases defense slightly.
Warhammer- Very slow. High crush attack bonus, but with low accuracy and average strength. Rated very lowly by many players and is usually not used.
Battleaxe- Faster than the a Warhammer but is still quite slow. Slightly low accuracy, high strength bonuses. Recommended for people with high attack and low strength.
2-hand sword- Slowest weapon. Highest strength bonus, at the expense of a shield. Low accuracy. Recommended for people with high attack and defense levels

Benefits of Fishing

Fishing is a very popular and profitable skill that is used to heal life or hp. Fishing is best used in conjunction with cooking, as you can fish then cook and eat/sell your catch for a higher price. There are a few different kinds of fishing and they all need some sort of equipment, see the fishing items chart. Fishing equipment may be bought from Port Sarim.
At the start, the only thing you can fish are shrimp. To catch these you need to buy a net. Shrimp is only found in saltwater, so they cannot be caught in rivers. A good place to catch shrimp is the coastline south of Draynor Village. To fish, (left) click on the "fishing spot" in the water. Once caught they can be cooked in the usual ways.
Levels 1-15: Fish Shrimp at the fishing spots south of Draynor Village. Cook the fish as you go, then put them in your bank if you wish to use them later, but don't hope to sell them, most players prefer to buy higher healing items.
Levels 20-40: Fish for trout and salmon (when you can catch them) to the east of barbarian village by the bridge. Cook your fish, then put them in your bank. Also if you wish you may catch Tuna with a harpoon at Karamja, although it is unlikely that you will progress much in levels.
Levels 40-50: Fish for lobsters at Karamja dock. Either cook them there, drop any burnt lobsters, and fish for more and cook those till you have a full load to take back to the bank in Draynor. If you are after experience and not so much the lobsters, you gain experience the fastest by fishing trout and salmon till around level 45, when you can catch lobsters faster.
Levels 50-99: Fish for swordfish at Karamja dock. When you are near full with just swordfish, cook them. Any you burn drop, and fish for some more until you get a full load of cooked swordfish to Draynor Bank. Some players prefer to continue fishing for lobsters until around level 60, when they can catch swordfish at a decent rate.

Types of Fishing
Net Fishing Location- Ocean Shore Locations
Required Items- Net
Fishing Level Requirements- Shrimps 1, Anchovies 15
Sea Bait Fishing Location- Ocean Shore Locations
Required Items- Fishing Rod, Fishing Bait
Fishing Level Requirements- Sardine 5, Herring 10
Fly Fishing Location- River Locations
Required Items- Fly Fishing Rod, Feathers (use one every time you catch fish)
Fishing Level Requirements- Trout 20, Salmon 30
River Bait Fishing Location- River Locations
Required Items- Fishing Rod, Fishing Bait (use one every time you catch fish)
Fishing Level Requirements- Pike 25
Harpoon Fishing Location- Karamja & Members Ocean Shore Locations
Required Items- Harpoon
Fishing Level Requirements- Tuna 35, Swordfish 50
Lobster Fishing Location- Karamja & Members Ocean Shore Locations
Required Items- Lobster Pot
Fishing Level Requirements- Lobster 40
Big Net Fishing
(Members Only)
Location- Catherby & Fishing Guild
Required Items- Big Net (Members Only)
Fishing Level Requirements- Boots 16, Gloves 16, Seaweed 16, Mackerel 16, Oyster shell 16,
Cod 23, Bass 46
Shark Fishing
(Members Only)
Location- Catherby & Fishing guild
Required Items- Harpoon
Fishing Level Requirements- Shark 76

Fishing Chart
Fish Min
Cooking Healing Weight Fishing item Type of Water
Shrimp 1 10 1 30 3 ? Net Saltwater
Sardine 5 20 1 40 4 / fishing rod + bait Saltwater
Herring 10 30 5 50 5 ? fishing rod + bait Saltwater
Anchovy 15 40 15 30 3 ? Net Saltwater
Seaweed 16 1 - - - ? Big Net Catherby & Fishing
Oyster 16 10 - - - ? Big Net Catherby & Fishing
Casket 16 10 - - - ? Big Net Catherby & Fishing
mackerel* 16 20 10 60 6 .3 Big Net Catherby & Fishing
Trout 20 50 15 70 7 .4 Fly fishing rod &feather Freshwater
Cod* 24 45 18 75 7 .4 Big Net Saltwater
Pike 25 60 20 80 8 .5 Fishing rod + bait Freshwater
Salmon 30 70 25 90 9 .5 Fly fishing rod & feather Freshwater
Tuna 35 80 30 100 10 .4 Harpoon Saltwater
Lobster 40 90 40 120 12 .4 Lobster cage Saltwater
Bass* 46 100 42 130 13 .4 Big Net Saltwater
Swordfish 50 100 45 140 14 .4 Harpoon Saltwater
Lava Eel* 53 30 53 140 14 .2 Oily Fishing rod &bait Lava
Sea Turtle* 75 105 82 212 20 ? Trawler Yanille
Shark* 80 110 80 210 20 .6 Harpoon Saltwater
Manta Ray* 81 115 91 216 21 ? Trawler Yanille

Fishing Locations

Fish Locations
Shrimp Shilo Village
South of Port Sarim
South of Al Kharid**
Sardine Shilo VillageEntranaCatherby**
South of Port Sarim
South of Al Kharid**
Herring Tree Gnome Stronghold
North of West Ardougne
West of the Fishing Guild
North of Seer's Village
Shilo VillageEntrana
South of Port Sarim
South of Al Kharid**
Anchovy Karamja
South of Port Sarim
South of Al Kharid**
Trout North of West Ardougne**
West of the Fishing Guild**
North of Seer's Village
Barbarian Village**
Pike Barbarian Village**Lumbridge
Salmon West of the Fishing Guild**
North of Seer's Village
Barbarian Village**
Tuna South Side of Fishing Guild**
North Side of Fishing Guild**
Lobster South Side of Fishing Guild**
North Side of Fishing Guild**
Swordfish Karamja**
North Side of Fishing Guild**

Compliments to the Chef

Cooking is a necessary skill to succeed in Runescape. That doesn't mean you need a high cooking, but a level of around 20 will benefit you greatly in ways you cant even think of now. This can be especially useful when combined with Fishing, so you can fish then cook your food to sell at a higher price. If you choose to be a PKer, then you can cook your own food, saving you thousands of coins, let alone time.
1. Pick wheat to get grain, and get a pot for every piece of grain that you wish to turn into flour
2. Take it to the windmill northwest of Lumbridge, or the cooks guild.
3. Go to the top floor of the windmill and use the grain with the hopper then operate the hopper. Repeat for every grain you have (do not put in more than one grain before you
operate it).
4. Go to the first floor of the windmill and put each flour in a pot.
5. Buy a bucket or jug, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.
6. Mix the flour and water to make some bread dough.
7. Cook the dough by using it with a stove.
1. Mix flour and water to make some pastry dough.
2. Place the dough in an empty pie dish.
3. Use your choice of filling with the empty pie. (redberry, apple or meat)
4. Cook the pie by using it with a stove.
1. Mix flour, eggs, milk together in a cake tin.
2. Cook the cake by using it with a stove.
3. Buy some chocolate and add it to the cake. (optional)
1. Obtain a bowl, and fill it with water from a sink or fountain.
2. Pick a potato and place it in the bowl.
3. Cook some meat and place it in the bowl.
4. Cook the stew by using it with a stove or fire.
1.Make some uncooked stew(see stew description).
2.Before cooking the stew add some spices.
3.Cook the curry by using it with a stove or fire.
1. Fill a jug with water.
2. Use grapes with the jug of water.
3. Wait until the wine ferments.
4. Wine will ferment when left in your inventory or the bank.
1. Mix flour and water to make a pizza base.
2. Buy a tomato and add it to the pizza.
3. Buy some cheese and add it to the pizza.
4. Cook the pizza by using it with a stove.
5. Add your choice of topping to the pizza.

Cooking Table

Cooking Level
Exp. Points
Red Berry Pie
Meat Pie
Apple Pie
Meat Pizza
Lave Eel
Chocolate Cake
Anchovy Pizza
Pineapple Pizza*
Sea Turtle*
Manta Ray*

Non-Cooking Foods

These foods can not be cooked, but are only available to buy or find at certain
locations. The table below shows the foods and where they are located.

Food Effects How to get
Beer +1 hp +1 str -2 att Buy at most taverns for 2gp, found in Barbarian village.
Asgarnian Ale +1 hp +2 str -3 att Buy at tavern in Falador for 2gp.
Dwarven Stout +1 hp +1 mining smithing -3 att def str Buy at tavern in Falador for 3gp.
Dwarven Stout +1 hp +2 magic -2 att def str Buy at tavern in Falador for 2gp.
Cabbage +1 hp Find in farmer's fields, buy at food store for 1gp.
Draynor Manor cabbage +1 hp +1 def Found at Draynor Manor. Normal cabbage and Draynor Manor cabbage look the same but stack in two different piles in the bank.
Cheese +2 hp Buy at food store for 4gp, or find in a house in Draynor Village. The house is in the courtyard behind Ned.
Tomato +2 hp Buy at food store for 4gp, or find in a house in Draynor Village. The house is in the courtyard behind Ned.
Chocolate +3 hp Buy at food store for 10gp or find in cooks guild.
Kebab Random; +2 to +11 hp, Sometimes +(-)2 str,def, att. Buy at Kebab store in Al Kharid for 1gp. Made of goblin meat.
Spinach roll +2 hp, +5 str chance Dropped by Moss Giants (1/128 odds). Trailborn the Wizard, who lives in the Wizards Tower, will also give you one (or more) when you are first starting the Delrith quest.
Banana +2 hp Buy at food store for 2gp, found in back room of food store, found on banana trees on Karamja Island. You can also obtain bananas with the Bones to Bananas spell (level 15 magic, requires 2 earth, 2 water, 1 nature rune). You can take bananas out of the crate in Port Sarim and sell them to Luthas in Karamja Island instead of having to pick bananas for him.
Half full wine jug +5 hp, -1 att Wine used to come in halves, but now you drink the whole jug at once. This used to be availible in the Chaos Temple, but not any more. The only way to get a half full jug of wine is to buy it from someone else.
Easter egg +14 hp? This is a special item in celebration of Easter. You can't get them any more unless you buy one from another player. I don't think they have any use, but you can eat them.
Pumpkin +14 hp These are special items, in celebration of Halloween. The only way to get one now is to buy it from another player. They have no use, but you can eat them.


Ingredient Recipe Use Obtaining
Grapes Use with a jug of water to make wine. Found in cooks guild.
Cooking apple Use as filling for a pie. Found in cooks guild. I've heard that it can be found in a couple other places also (including north of Ardougne).
Potato Used in stew. Can't be baked alone. Just think - baked potatoes. Found in certain farmer's fields, buy in food store.
Milk Used in making cake. Currently can't be used to make any other dairy products. Also used in the cooks quest. Use bucket with cow.
Eggs Used in cake. Used in the cooks quest. Can't be cooked by itself. Found at certain farms.
Water Jug of water: Used for making wine. Bucket or jug of water: Used for making dough or soft clay for crafting. Bowl of water:Used for making stew. Use a jug or bowl with a sink or fountain. Use a bucket with a sink, fountain, or well.
Flour Used with flour to make dough. Used in cake. Used in the cooks quest. Buy at food store for 10 gp, make from grain.
Redberries Used in pie. Can't be eaten raw. Found just south of Varrock, buy in food store.

Quest Items

These items can only be used for quests or other specialty uses, they cannot be eaten or used as ingredients.
Item Use Obtain from
Karamja Rum Used in Pirate's Treasure quest. Buy on Karamja Island for 30gp. Banned from the mainland, but there is a way to smuggle some in for a quest...
Cavadaberies Poisonous; can't be used to make poison pie. South of Varrock.
Garlic Used for a quest. Can't be used in any food. Draynor Village, upstairs in one of the buildings.
Onion Used for a quest. Not used in any food. Found near some farms.
White berries Used in herblaw to make defense and super defense potions. Wilderness level 40, near the red dragons.
Mushroom No use. All mushrooms in the game are poisonous. Forests, but you can't pick them.
Wine of Zamorak Used in Herblew (members only) Used to be called Half full wine jug in the Chaos Temple
Fish food Used in quest. Draynor Manor, second floor.
Poison Can only be used on Fish food (above) Draynor Manor, first floor.

Cooking Items
These are items that are needed for certain types of cooking.
Fishing items can be found in the fishing guide.
Item Use How to obtain
Pot Hold flour. Buy at general store, found in kitchen at Lumbridge Castle and in the cooks guild. Can be crafted.
Jug Carrying water or wine Buy at general store, found in kitchen at Lumbridge Castle and in the cooks guild.
Bucket Carrying water or milk Buy at general store, found in farmer's house between Lumbridge and Varrock.
Pie dish Cooking a pie Found in cooks guild and in the kitchen of Varrock Palace. Can be crafted.
Bowl Holding stew Found in cooks guild. Can be crafted.
Cake tin Baking a cake Found in cooks guild.
Chef's hat Needed to get into cooks guild. Dropped by certain monsters (like the goblins east of Lumbridge), sold by other players. Unfortunately not sold in the clothing store in Varrock.
White apron Needed to get into the back room of the food store in Port Sarim - you need to do this for a quest or to get free bananas. Buy at clothes store in Varrock, found in back room of food store in Port Sarim.
Hatchet/Axe (not Battle Axe) Cut wood for fires. Can also be used as a weapon. Buy bronze, iron, and steel axes at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge or bronze ax at some general stores. Better axes means faster cutting
Tinder box Light logs on fire. Buy at General Store.
Logs Fuel for fire Cut down a tree with a hatchet. Found in a house in Draynor Village

Hit That Rock

Mining is one of the most profitable skills in Runescape, especially if you can put it together with Smithing, but that requires a lot of work. The easiest is to pick one and focus, since you can never mine enough to smith. No matter what you choose to do in Runescape, you will want to at least get your mining up to 15, since that can provide you with some basic ores for other things, such as crafting.
To start mining, you need a pick axe. A simple bronze pick axe will do for now, until you have a higher mining. Once you have a pick (you should have from tutorial island), go to a mine. You can find a mine by looking on the world map. Simply (left) click on the rock you want to mine. This may not be a rock you can mine yet, if you repeatedly get no ore. Compare what the rock looks like to the chart below. Note: you can also right-click on a rock, and select prospect to see which ore is in the rock, if you can not tell after a few tries, it is probably out of your mining range.
When you start you can only mine copper and tin, but with a little work you can soon start to be mining coal and making the money. Do not try to sell any of your copper or tin ore, most players will not buy, and it will waste time you can otherwise be spending mining. If you do not plan to smith your copper or tin into bronze, my recommendation would be to just drop the ore, since it will do no good taking up bank space.
One of the most popular mines is the Dwarven mine, located under Ice Mountain, and another entrance from Falador. It has every type of ore in it (except rune), and it is close to a bank for convenience. This makes it one of the most crowded mines, which can make it hard to get ore with so many competitors.
Many places in Runescape have monsters, as you have seen, and mines are not an exception. The most common monster in mines is the scorpion (lvl 21), which has killed many miners, both strong and weak. Until you are confident in your ability to defeat a scorpion, bring protection (sword, armour), especially in case of the King Scorpion (lvl 32).

Training Guide

Levels 1-10: For these first levels, it does not matter where you mine, since all mines contain the basic metals. Start mining either copper or tin, but once you have a ]full load, don’t put it in your bank unless you want to be a smither, and smith it later. Let the ore drop on the ground, because there is little value in selling the tin or copper, and traveling back and forth is a waste of your time.

Levels 10-20: Now that you can start mining iron, you need to find a good mine. The Dwarven mine in one of the most popular, but because of its crowds and scorpions (if you have a lower combat level) is not suitable for mining. For a mine that works for you, and if you are unsure, the south-west Varrock mine is a good place to start. Iron is valuable enough to store in your bank, so take the time to do that.

Levels 20-30: Your mining should be high-enough now that you can start to make a profit. These levels are probably the hardest to get through, since you are still mining iron, but after you get to level 30 you can mine coal. Keep mining iron in the same location as you were, unless you want a change of scenery :)

Levels 30-40: You have two choice upon reaching level 30, either mine coal to make a profit, or keep mining iron to get your level up. Even though the first choice might seem better; the second will benefit you in the long run mining coal at its lowest level takes a while, and when you are competing with people who have the same mining level if not higher, they will usually get the coal before you. (You should switch to Dwarven Mine).

Levels 50-60: Now that you can mine coal in the guild, your mining ability will almost double, and your profits will soar. Don’t mine the Mithril in the guild even thought it is tempting, since you will rarely get it because of higher level people competing to get it. You can also get 3-4 coals before you can get 1 Mithril, which means making money faster and leveling up faster.

Levels 60-70: Levels used to seem short compared to now, right? Since you will be needing hundreds of thousands of experience points to get these higher levels, you must fully commit to mining. Some people take a “vacation” to take a break from mining, and work on other skills, but if if you do stay away for a long time your hard work will go to waste. Hold off on the Mithril until your mining is 65 or more. Keep banking your coal, and periodically cert it and sell them to make some money. Remember, Adamantine is level 70...

Levels 70-85: If you want to go all the way to rune everything you’ve done will seem like nothing, since you need almost 14 million experience points. Coal and Mithril should be your main mining metal, but Adamantine is easy to get once you get a few levels past level 70. Choose which one will help you make the most profit and sell it. Remember level 85 is the goal for all miners in Runescape.

Levels 85-99
: Now that you have reached your goal, you are among the elite miners of Runescape. The only place where you can mine rune is the Wilderness, so make sure you higher protection when you go in. They can be friends, bodyguards or your own weapons, it is a personal choice.

Mining Chart

Ore Mining Req. Exp. Respawn Time Weight
Any Gem 1 0 Rock Type 2.25
Clay 1 5 1 second 2.25
Tin 1 17.5 5 seconds 2.25
Copper 1 17.5 5 seconds 2.25
Iron 15 35 10 seconds 2.25
Silver 20 40 2 minutes 2.25
Coal 30 50 45 seconds 2.25
Gold 40 65 2 minutes 2.25
Mithril 55 80 3 minutes 2.25
Adamantite 70 95 4 minutes, 30 seconds 2.25
Rune 85 125 30 minutes 2.25


When you are mining, you will more than likely find a gem, which give some experience towards your mining, but the ore will still remain in the rock. You can sell these or use in crafting to make Jewelry. Wearing the Amulet of Glory (members only), which increases you chances of finding a gem. The Shilo Village has a few "gem rocks" which give specific gems.


Pickaxes no longer have a number of swings, but different chances of getting the ore.
Metal Mining Level Cost
Bronze 1 1 gp
Iron 4 140 gp
Steel 6 500 gp
Mithril 21 1,300
Adamantine 31 3,200
Rune 41 32,000
The new axes can be bought from the mining store on the western side of the Dwarven mines. Better axes do tend to have better accuracy.

Mining Locations

As you can see their are 3 main mines in Runescape, Scorpion Pit, Dwarven Mine, and Edgeville Dungeon. Of these, two are widely used because of their ease in transport, Edgeville is in a dungeon, of course. However, if you know you will be mining one of a certain type of rock that can be found elsewhere, I recommend to mine at the smaller, less crowded mines.
Mine Clay Copper Tin Iron Silver Coal Gold Mithril Addy Rune
South West Varrock   x x x            
South East Varrock x x x x x          
Scorpion Pit (Al Kharid)   x x x x x x x x  
Dwarven Mine   x x x x x x x x  
Edgeville Dungeon   x x x x x x x x  
Barbarian Village     x     x        
Karamja Island (Volcano)             x      
South Lumbridge           x   x x  

Mine Specific Information
Varrock South-East Mine
Nearest Bank: Varrock East
Music: Still Night
Surroundings: To get to this mine, leave Varrock from the East gate, and follow
the path South. The mine is enclosed by rope, and feels like a children's Sand-
Pit. The only entrance is from the North. It's a nice, green environment, and the
music is very relaxing here.
Notes: No monsters

Varrock South-West Mine
Nearest Bank: Varrock West
Music: Greatness
Surroundings: This mine is located just South of the West gates of Varrock, and
just North of the Champions Guild. It is at the bottom of a gray cliff, and set in a
sandy area. The proximity to the Pottery facilities in Barbarian Village, and the
abundance of Clay make this a good place to start Crafting.
Notes: There is a Level 4 Mugger, that could give some newer players a

Barbarian Village Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Dark2
Surroundings: Barbarian Village is found by leaving Varrock, and heading due
West, over the river. Barbarian Village is a military place - a lot of the buildings
look medieval, but dangerous. This gives the place a nice atmosphere. The tin
rocks are spread on either side of the road, and the 4 coal rocks are bunched
together on the Northern side of the road, on a steep and fairly annoying hill.
Edgeville Bank nearby makes this a good coal-mining place for lower level
miners who cannot access the Miners Guild.
Notes: There are Level 7-8 Barbarian Men and Women strolling around, but they
are non-aggressive.

Edgeville Dungeon Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Scape Cave, Forever.
Surroundings: This dungeon is accessed by going down a small trapdoor, South
of Edgeville Bank. Edgeville is just North of Barbarian Village. If you follow the
Dungeon's natural twists and turns, you will eventually reach a gate. This leads to
the mines. These are dark mines, with flickering torches, and prowling skeletons.
Notes: Level 18 and 22 Skeletons, and occasionally Level 28 and 42 Hobgoblins.
Those with combat level under 50 would be advised to bring some armour and a

Mining Guild
Nearest Bank: Falador
Music: Cave Background1
Surroundings: This mine is accessed by going down a ladder just East of Falador
East Bank, in the middle of a courtyard, surrounded by buildings except on the
far Eastern side. There is a lot of coal, and it it very close to the bank, so this is
THE place to mine coal.
Notes: You need a Mining Level of 60 to enter here.

Dwarven Mine - Scorpion Area
Nearest Bank: Falador
Music: Cave Background1
Surroundings: This mine is just outside the Mining Guide, or alternatively can be
accessed from a staircase in the Falador houses, on the far East of the City, right
next to the fence.
Notes: There are Level 14 Scorpions, Level 32 Pit Scorpions (which are very
small), and Level 32 King Scorpions. This means that to be safe anyone under
level 40 Combat should should stay clear, and anyone under level 55 should
bring weapons and armour.

Rest of the Dwarven Mines
Nearest Bank: Falador
Music: Cave Background1
Surroundings: This is located just outside the Scorpion area, and is accessed by
just walking through the Scorpion area. If this is too dangerous for you, then you
should access it by the entrance to the West of Barbarian Village, on a small rise.
However, this means that the nearest bank will be in Edgeville if the Scorpions
are too dangerous, and this is a long hike.
Notes: There are non-aggressive Level 10 Dwarves hanging around, giving this
mine a really industrial feel.

Rimmington Mine
Nearest Bank: Falador
Music: Long Way Home
Surroundings: This mine is located to the South-West of the Southern Exit of
Falador. Its not an ideal mine for banking, as it isn't too close to Falador.
However, its a pleasant change from the Underground mines, with peaceful
music and lots of green trees.
Notes: None.

Crafting Guild
Nearest Bank: Falador
Music: Nightfall
Surroundings: The Crafting Guild is located West, and just South of the South
Exit of Falador. This mine is fenced off with a very high and military looking wall,
which can give you a really superior feel that you can get in. This place is
unrivalled in its abundance of Crafting ores of Gold, Silver and Clay. Which you
would expect, it being the Crafting Guild!
Notes: You need Level 40 Crafting, and a brown apron to get in here.

Scorpion Pit/Chasm Mine
Nearest Bank: Al Kharid
Music: Arabian2
Surroundings: This mine is set just North of Al Kharid, or a long way South East
of Varrock. It is a dip in the land, surrounded by cliffs, with the only entrance from
the South. The variety of ores here is unrivalled by any F2P mine, with everything
except Clay and Runite provided. There is also a Fire and Water Rune respawn.
Notes: There are Level 14 Scorpions, and Level 32 Pit Scorpions (the little ones
again) here. This makes it a dangerous mine for some lower levels.

Lumbridge Swamp Mine
Nearest Bank: Draynor
Music: Yesteryear
Surroundings: This Mine is South of Lumbridge, or a long way South East of
Draynor. Unfortunately, Draynor is a long way away, so banking ores from here
is difficult. This is the favorite place of the Superheaters. Put simply, take a Fire
Staff and a load of Nature Runes here, smelt all your Mithril and Adamantite Ores
into bars (which requires a Smithing Level of 55 and 70 respectively, and a Magic
Level of 43) and then Bank Trips are a lot less frequent. This is a favorite non-
Wilderness Mine to get higher-leveled ores. Pretty marshy round here as well.
Notes: Some low level Rats and Goblins on the way could prove a problem for
Level 3's.

Wilderness - Steel Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Dangerous
Surroundings: This Mine is in level 6-7 Wilderness, North and slightly East of
Edgeville. This is not a very popular mine, as there are better places to mine both
Coal and Iron.
Notes: Aggressive Level 22 Skeletons here. Not a Multi-Combat Zone though.

Wilderness - Skeleton Coal Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Army Of Darkness
Surroundings: This mine is Due North of Edgeville, in Level 9 - 11 Wilderness. It
is a good place to get coal for those whose Mining Level is below 60, but care
must be taken as PKers stop off a lot near here. See Wilderness Mining.
Notes: Aggressive Level 18 Skeletons here. Not a Multi-Combat Zone, but very
very close to one.

Wilderness - Hobgoblin Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Wilderness2
Surroundings: This is North east of Edgeville Bank, but is a long trek as it is in
Level 29 - 32 Wilderness! This is a good place to get high level ores, but can be
very dangerous due to PKers, and all the monsters round here. See Wilderness
Notes: A lot of seriously aggressive, Level 28 Hobgoblins around here. You will
get attacked frequently. Take as much Weapons and Armour as you can afford
to lose, and those under 60 Combat should just steer well clear.

Wilderness - Runite Mine
Nearest Bank: Edgeville
Music: Forever
Surroundings: This is in Level 46 Wilderness, and is just above the Lava Maze.
This is a very very dangerous place to be - a favorite hunting ground of every
decent PKer.
Notes: Lots of curiously unaggressive Deadly Red Spiders. This may be a bug,
and may not. It's the PKers that are dangerous round here, though. Any running
should be to the South-East, as heading West leads straight into a Multi-Combat

Mining Guild

You may enter the mining guild once you have a mining level of 60. Inside you will find more than 20 coal rocks and 3 Mithril rocks. There are two entrances to this guild, one through the building right behind Falador bank, and another in back of the Dwarven Mines by the coal rocks. If you are level 59 and wish to enter, you can drink a Dwarven stout to boost your mining level by one, but it will wear off.

Random Events

The Swarm - A swarm of insects common anywhere in Runescape. They will attack you hitting occasional 1's. There has been no way currently to defeat them, just run away and they will disappear.

Rock Smoke - The rock will literally start to smoke and if you keep mining, will blow up you pickaxe. Take to the Dwarven pickaxe salesman to fix it for a fee.

Pick Falls Apart - Similar to the event above, this does not happen with any visual event. Simply pick up or pickaxe head, then in your inventory click to reattach it.

Rock Golem-Will keep attacking, to escape run out of the line of sight (so you cant see them).

Rock Golem (Level 156) - High Level Players
Rock Golem (Level 120) - Medium Level Players (ex. 67)
Rock Golem (Level 79) - Low Level Players
Rock Golem (Level 49) - Very Low Level Players


This shows the number of ores you would need to go ten levels. Note: The number is added on top of what you already have mined, so if your level 70, it gives you the number you would need to go from 70-80, no 1-80.

Basic (Complete) Stats
Level 1-10: You need to mine 66 Tin/Copper Ores (1153 exp)

Level 10-20: You need to mine 190 Tin/Copper Ores (3316 exp), this will allow
you to mine Iron (Level 15) and Silver (Level 20)

Level 20-30: You need to mine 509 Tin/Copper Ores, 255 Iron Ores, or 223
Silver Nuggets (8893), this will allow you to mine Coal (Level 30)

Level 30-40: You need to mine 1364 Tin/Copper Ores, 682 Iron Ores, 597 Silver
Nuggets, or 478 Coal (23,891 exp), this will allow you to mine Gold

Level 40-50: You need to mine 3664 Tin/Copper Ores, 1832 Iron Ores, 1603
Silver Nuggets, 1283 Coal, or 987 Gold Nuggets (64,109 exp)

Level 50-60:You need to mine 9852 Tin/Copper Ores, 4926 Iron Ores, 4311
Silver Nuggets, 3449 Coal Ores, or 2653 Gold Nuggets (172,409 exp), this will
allow you to mine Mithril Ores (Level 55)

Level 60-70: You need to mine 26,508 Tin/Copper Ores, 13,254 Iron Ores,
11,598 Silver Nuggets, 9278 Coal Ores, 7137 Gold Nuggets, or 5799 Mith Ores
(463,885 exp), this will allow you to mine Adamantite Ore (Level 70)

Level 70-80: You will need to mine 71,340 Tin/Copper Ores, 35,670 Iron Ores,
31,212 Silver Nuggets, 24,969 Coal Ores, 19,207 Gold Nuggets, 15,606 Mith
Ores, or 13,412 Addy Ores (1,248,441 exp)

Level 80-90: You will need to mine 192,016 Tin/Copper Ores, 96,008 Iron Ores,
84,007 Silver Nuggets, 67,206 Coal Ores, 51,697 Cold Nuggets, 42,004 Mith
Ores, or 35,372 Addy Ores (3,360,264 exp), this will allow you to mine Runite
Ores (Level 85)

Level 90-99: You will need to mine 439,320 Tin/Copper Ores, 219,660 Iron Ores,
192,203 Silver Nuggets, 153,762 Coal Ores, 118,279 Gold Nuggets, 96,102 Mith
Ores, 80,962 Addy Ores, or 61,505 Rune Ores (7,688,099 exp)

To the Furnace!!

Smithing consists of two things, smelting and forging. Smelting is melting raw ore into bars at a furnace, located in Falador, Lumbridge and Al-Karid. Forging is taking those same bars and hammering them into usable items such as weapons, armor, and even arrow tips. All the experience you get forging and smelting (both of which make a certain amount of xp, so you can do one without the other) goes towards your smithing level, which determines what you can forge and smelt.

To begin smithing, you will have to mine a little, since hardly anyone sells basic ores such as copper and tin and even iron. A good place to start smithing is Al-Karid. You can mine in the scorpion pit, then take your ore into the furnace just north of the bank to smelt, and then put your bars in the bank account. Then return to the scorpion to mine some more. You can follow this route as you mine copper and tin to get bronze, and iron.

After you have a large amount of bars (200) or more, you can start to smith the bars into useful items at one of Varrock's two locations. Always remember to smith the higher priced item for the number of bars used. Example, instead of smithing a dagger, smith a long sword which sells for more money then a dagger. Also, people will buy bronze and iron items in Varrock, sell them either to a store, or to other new players in Lumbridge.


The first part of smithing is smelting, in which you melt your ores into metal bars. Most ores must be smelted along with another ore, except for iron, which has a 50% chance of being successful. To smelt an ore, you must go to a furnace. Click on the ore in your inventory, then click on the furnace, and you have a bar.

Ore 2nd Ore Bar Level Required Experience
Copper Ore 1 Tin Ore Bronze Bar 1 6.5
Iron Ore   Iron Bar 15 12.5
Silver Nugget   Silver Bar 20 13.5
Iron Ore 2 Coal Steel Bar 30 17.5
Gold Nugget   Gold Bar 40 22.5
Mithril Ore 4 Coal Mithril Bar 50 30
Addy Ore 6 Coal Addy Bar 70 37.5
Runite Ore 8 Coal Runite Bar 85 50

Drop the Hammer!!

The metal bars you produced smelting can be hammered into different objects during the forging phase. To forge, click on the metal bar in your inventory and then click on the anvil so a menu of options to forge comes up. Some objects will use more than one bar, and if you do not have enough, the number will in red. If your smithing level is not high enough, then the name will be on black, click on it to find out the required level. the only two types of metal you can smelt but not forge are silver and gold, which after being melted into bars, are used in crafting.
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