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Independent e-Commerce provider. Processes your payments for software, e-Books and other electronic goods.

Independent online payment processing and e-commerce company.

Digital River
Probably the biggest e-commerce provider on the Internet. Moreover, during the last few years, Digital River has bought a large collection of independent companies specialized in processing sales online. The list of companies now owned by Digital River is extensive, just a small selection: Digibuy, Element5, eMetrix, Reg.net, RegNow, RegSoft, setSystems, ShareIT, SWREG.

Online payment processing and e-commerce company.

BIC Publication Portal
Directory of BIC and SWIFT codes. You can find the bank name using a BIC (or SWIFT) code, or vice versa.

Free online check/cheque printing system. Qchex.com is a financial service for consumers and businesses. It allows users with internet access and an existing bank account to instantly send bankable checks to anybody's email address, thus by-passing all handling, postage and banking fees associated with pre-printed checks. Upon receipt, Qchex are printed out on the recipient's desktop printer including all characteristics of a regular check.

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No matter how great your site is, if you can't handle your operations--customer service, accepting payments, shipping and fulfillment--you're in big trouble. This section will help you iron out those issues, plus offer ideas for growing your e-business.

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